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Using the Kernel

You use the CitectSCADA kernel to perform low-level diagnostic and debugging operations, and for runtime analysis of your CitectSCADA system. Use it to display low-level data structures, runtime databases, statistics, debug traces, network traffic, I/O Device traffic and so on. You can also call built-in Cicode function or user-written Cicode functions.

The Kernel includes the following areas:

Note: restrict access to the Kernel: anyone using the Kernel has total control of CitectSCADA (and subsequently your plant and equipment).


  • Do not use the kernel for normal CitectSCADA operation. The kernel is only for diagnostics and debugging purposes.
  • Configure your security so that only approved personnel can view or use the kernel.
  • Do not view or use the kernel unless you are an expert user of CitectSCADA and Cicode, or are under the direct guidance of Technical Support for this product.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Access to Cicode and Cache commands

So that there is no unauthorized use of Cicode and Cache commands in the Kernel, only Kernel users have access to these commands. The Kernel user needs to be defined in the User database (with the username 'kernel' and a non-blank password) for the CitectSCADA project in which they want to access the commands. The Kernel user does not need to have any areas or privileges defined.

During runtime if the Kernel user attempts to access Cicode or Cache Kernel commands, the Kernel will ask for the Kernel user password. If the Kernel user is not defined in the User database for that project (or if the user provides the incorrect password), access to the Cicode (or Cache) commands is denied.

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