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Client Side Online Changes

You can now reload a page when the Cicode library has changed.When you attempt to open a page the system locates the necessary runtime database file on the local disk (or a server location in the Run/copy setup). If the file timestamp is different to the one in the memory then it will try to reload the new page file. On page load the system compares the version of the Cicode library with which the page was created to the one in memory. If the Cicode library mismatches then a hardware alarm of "Cicode library timestamp differs" is raised. The page is displayed and any Cicode function that is executed will be from the memory version of the Cicode library and not the latest compiled version.

Note: It is recommended that the ServerGetProperty cicode function be used with the LibRDBMemTime and LibRDBDiskTime properties to check if there is a change to the Cicode library before attempting a reload. Following a reload please check the corresponding server's syslog.dat file for any reload messages. The cicode changes will not be reloaded.

A restart of the client is needed to update the Cicode library version to the latest compiled version.



Restart the client process if the hardware alarm "Cicode library timestamp differs" is raised after a page is opened.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Note: A hardware alarm of "Cicode library timestamp differs" will be raised if the Cicode library used by a page has a different timestamp from the one in memory. The timestamps will be different if the project has been fully recompiled, the project has been incrementally recompiled after the page has been modified, or if the project has been incrementally recompiled after any Cicode has been modified.

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