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COMx driver special options reference

Special Options (in the Ports form) are space separated and start with the dash character (-) immediately followed by the option characters. Only a small percentage of users will need to use the following options:

S Simulate XOFF received

S Simulate XON received

RT Set RTS high

RT Set RTS low

D Set DTR high

D Set DTR low

B Set the device break line

B Clear the device break line

Example: "~EIADTR1" sets DTR high


~Fred: Wait 500 milliseconds and then send 'Fred'

Fred\MMary: Send 'Fred', a carriage return, and then 'Mary'

Note: This option is not available for dialable devices (i.e. when the port number is -1).

XonLim: A number in bytes. This represents the level reached in the input buffer before the XON character is sent (30 bytes)

. XoffLim: The maximum number of bytes accepted in the input buffer before the XOFF character is sent. This is calculated by subtracting (in bytes) 100 from the size of the input buffer

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