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Using a COM port

The simplest CitectSCADA systems use a single computer connected to the I/O Device(s). You can connect an I/O Device directly to a communications port with a standard RS-232 communications cable.

How to set up CitectSCADA to use your computer's COM port:

  1. Verify that the Boards configuration has COMx as theType, and the Address set to 0. The I/O Port, Interruptand Special Opt can be left blank.
  2. Enter the Port Number in the Ports configuration. The COM port number will usually be either 1 or 2, and is set in the Ports section of the Control Panel. Use the Special Opt field to modify the behaviour of the COMx driver. (See COMx driver special options reference for more information).
  3. Note: You only need to define the COMx board once. You can then add several ports that use the same CitectSCADA board. For example, a COM port and two serial boards could be defined as one COMx board in CitectSCADA, with multiple ports.

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