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To concatenate fields from the external database into one field in the CitectSCADA database, add separate entries to the [ImportFilterMap] section. Each section needs to contain the name of a relevant external column and the name of the destination column in CitectSCADA. The entries needs to appear in the order in which the fields are to be concatenated.

So, if the external data source has a field called "IOdev" containing the value "M", and another field called "IOaddr" containing the value "61", and you want to join them together so that the value "M61" is imported into the CitectSCADA "Addr" field, this is how it would be done:

Addr1= IOdev -> Addr
Addr2= IOaddr -> Addr

Here, you need to verify that there are no sections in the format file called [Addr1] or [Addr2], unless you need some filtering or conversion.

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