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Exporting tags

The Export feature allows you to export I/O Device data to an external data source, specifying the destination and format of your choice (for example RSLOGIX driver). This file might then be imported into a third-party I/O Device programming package database. Alternatively, you might use it as a backup.

Note: Exporting using the OPC driver is not supported.

The file to which you are exporting needs to already exist; otherwise the export will not work. You can choose to delete its contents before exporting, or you can leave it and create duplicate tags.

Note: The export tags feature is not yet supported by every database type. If you have existing links to any external data source, the linked tags will also be exported. As the structure of each type of external data source differs, some tag data might not be exported. This is determined by the format file for the I/O Device.

See Exported Tags for information about levels of support between Unity and CitectSCADA.

Note: Tag names greater than 32 Chars cannot be exported to Unity.

To export variable tags to an external database:

  1. Open Citect Explorer.
  2. Choose Tools | Export Tags.
  3. Complete the Export Variable Tags dialog box as necessary.

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