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Configuring alarm pens

Configuring the appearance of alarm pens involves selecting the line color, stack property, line width, alarm type, and the properties for that alarm type.

To configure alarm pen appearance:

  1. Select the pen you want to configure.
  2. Click the Appearance tab to display the appearance property controls for the selected alarm pen.
  3. Select a Line color using the color swatch.
  4. Specify a Line width.
  5. To stack a pen, select the Stacked option and then specify a Height in pixels for the stack.
  6. Select an Alarm type. For details about the different types of alarm pen available, see Alarm pens. For information about alarm states, see Alarm states.
  7. For each Label for the alarm type you selected, select a Style, a Fill color, and/or a Hatch color by using the swatches.
  8. Click Apply.