Using the Tab Style Page Templates > Creating a New Project > Creating a Privileged User

Creating a Privileged User

Some tab style templates project content is restricted via a user login. Without a valid login, some project functionality will be disabled. For example, the Close window (the cross) button on title bar will not work if you log in as a user with restricted privileges.

By default, the following elements within the tab style templates project are restricted by global privileges.


Global Privilege

Associated Parameter

Editing users



Project shutdown



Acknowledge alarms



Disable alarms



Silence alarms



When configuring a tab style templates project,check that your users have appropriate access to the available functionality. Verify that your users can acknowledge alarms if necessary.

To adjust the global privileges for the elements previously listed for a more complex security architecture, adjust the [Privilege] parameters in the Citect.ini file. Click the relevant link in the previous table above for details.

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