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Creating a New Project

Creating a project based on the Tab Style templates project is simple; by default, it is incorporated as an included project in new projects. This means whenever you start a new project, the tab style templates are ready to use as necessary.

There are two ways to create a project based on the tab style templates:

Using the pre-defined starter project

To base a project on an existing starter project:

  1. Choose New Project from the File menu, or click the New Project button.
  2. Type a name for your project and choose a location for the files.
  3. Click the Create project based on starter project checkbox.
  4. Choose the project on which you want to base your new project.
  5. Click OK.

Four pre-defined starter projects with page resolutions of XGA, SXGA, WUXGA and HD1080 (Full HD) are provided as part of the product installation. Each of the starter projects will be based on project "Tab_Style_1" and contain:

The newly created project will be immediately compilable, and will contain a basic level of built-in functions such as viewing alarms and trends.

Create a project from scratch

To make it easier to configure a project based on the tab style templates from scratch, follow these steps:

  1. Create a privileged user; see Creating a Privileged User.
  2. Run the Computer Setup Wizard; see Running the Computer Setup Wizard.
  3. Set up instant trending; see Using Instant Trending.
  4. Set up multiple monitor display; see Displaying a Project on Multiple Monitors.
  5. Implement audible alarms; see Implementing Audible Alarms.

Don't modify the tab style templates project for use as a runtime project; set it aside for use as a template for new projects.

If creating a project based on the tab style templates, it is not recommended to include pages based on templates that use a different style, including the earlier Include project. Doing so might affect functionality.

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