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DDE Shares

There are three types of DDE shares: old style, new style, and static. CitectSCADA only supports the static type. The names of static shares follow the convention


so to set up a CitectSCADA server computer as a Network DDE share, use the name "Citect$" as the sharename on that computer. To expose the CitectSCADA runtime variable tag database for suitable DDE linking, use the word "Variable" as the DDE Share Topic name.

Note: The trailing dollar sign ($) is necessary as part of the DDE share name syntax.

To create a DDE share:

  1. In the DDE Shares dialog, click Add a Share. The DDE Shares Properties dialog appears. Verify that the fields are blank, or unchecked, except for the Grant access to every item radio button which needs to be checked.
  2. Click Permissions. The DDE Share Name Permissions dialog appears.
  3. Read and Link is the default permission setting. If you want to write data to the DDE Share application, change the permission to Full Control.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click OK to save the Share, and return to the DDE Shares dialog.

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