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Debugging the compilation

If the compiler detects any errors during compilation, the errors are written to an error file. The compiler will notify you of any errors as it compiles, and you can opt to cancel the compilation at any stage. If there are multiple or severe errors, the compiler might automatically cancel. Once the compiler is finished, you can locate each compile error and display information on it.

The compiler does not verify the operation of your project. Just because your project compiles does not mean it will work correctly at runtime. For example, the compiler checks that the tags you use are defined correctly, and that your Cicode has acceptable syntax. But, it does not check your tags for incorrect scaling, or that your Cicode has no potential divide by zero errors.


  • Do not attempt to run your system until you have resolved errors reported during project compilation.
  • Always perform a complete compilation before promoting your project to the test or live environments.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

To view compilation errors:

To get more information on an error:

  1. Click Help at the bottom of the Compile Errors dialog box.
  2. Read the Help topic associated with the error.

To locate the error (in the project):

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