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Default Scale

The Scale properties in both variable tags and local variables are optional. If a Scale value is not specified the default value is indicated by a parameter in the Citect.ini file. The parameter name is "DefaultSliderScale" under the [General] section in the Citect.ini file. The default values for Scale is 0-32000, unless the default slider scale is true in which case the default value depends on the type for example Integer, String etcetera.

The Migration tool will read this parameter and if it is not set, or set to false, then it will explicitly set any empty Scale property to a value in to the range of 0 to 32000. This will be done even if either of the Zero Scale or Full Scale parameters has a value, in which case the empty Scale parameter will receive the default value.

If the DefaultSliderScale in the Citect.ini file set to True, the Scale parameters will not be populated with a default value if they are empty, rather they will be interpreted at runtime.