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Defining Substitutions for Super Genies

You can only use Super Genie substitution in the properties of an object that accepts tags, commands and expressions. You can also use Super Genie substitutions in log messages for object touch and keyboard commands, tool tips, page keyboard commands, or as part of the comment for Trend objects, and Color Floods. However, you cannot use the Super Genie syntax in a report, alarm, trend, or background Cicode function.

To mark a tag as a substitution string, enclose the tag between question mark (?) characters, in the following format:

?<Data Type> <Association>?


If you do not specify a data type, it will default to TYPELESS. Typeless substitution allows you to pass tags of BYTE, BCD, DIGITAL, INT, UINT, LONG, LONGBCD, or REAL types, but not STRING. When you make a typeless substitution, CitectSCADA will automatically try to convert the substituted 'data' to the correct type at runtime.

Note: You might want to use typeless substitutions because they offer more flexibility, but be aware that errors can be harder to find.

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