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Super Genies

Individual pages (popup controllers, loop tune pages, etc.) are often used to control and monitor devices. Super Genies are ideal when there are many devices of the same type within a project, because you can re-use them without re-configuring for each device. You can configure the common properties once, which is then passed to the Super Genie at runtime.

Before Configuring a Super Genie you need to understand the following terms:

Association- An association is a name or number that you can use when defining a Super Genie substitution. Used with ‘Ass’ Super Genie cicode functions to assign, and set the dynamically generated values of the Super Genie at runtime.

Substitution –Used as a placeholder, the Super Genie substitution is replaced at runtime with a real value. A Super Genie substitution is comprised of the data type (optional) and association that you use to define an object or group of object’s properties when creating a Super Genie.

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