Using CitectSCADA > Linking, Importing, and Exporting Tags > Exporting tags > Export Variable Tags properties

Export Variable Tags properties

Use this dialog for Exporting tags to an external database. The Export Variable Tags dialog has the following fields:

External database

A reference (128 characters max.) to the external data source to which your variable tags are exported. This can be:

Database type

The format of the data referenced by the external data source.

Connection string

Enter a connection string to provide connection details for the data source. This is similar to an ODBC connection string. For example:

UserID = XXX; Password = YYY

Not every data source requires a connection string.

I/O Device

The I/O Device for which you are exporting tags. Use the menu to select an I/O Device that has been defined using CitectSCADA.

Remove prefix from tags

Select this box to remove a known prefix from the front of the exported tag names.

Tag prefix

The prefix (8 characters max.) to be removed from exported tag names.

Delete existing tags

Select this box to delete any tags in the external database before exporting.

Note: For the Unity driver existing tags are not deleted, even if you select this check box.