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Changes the delay setting for an alarm (that is Delay, High High Delay, Deviation Delay, etc.). This function acts on the alarm that the cursor is positioned over. Use this function during runtime to change the delay values that were specified in the alarms database. Delay changes made using this process are persistent (that is they are saved to the project).


AlarmSetDelay(Type, Value)


The type of delay:

0 - Delay (digital alarm/advanced alarm)

1 - High high delay (analog alarm)

2 - High delay (analog alarm)

3 - Low delay (analog alarm)

4 - Low low delay (analog alarm)

5 - Deviation delay (analog alarm)


The new value for the delay. Enter a blank value " " to remove the delay setting.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

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