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Changing the default Cicode Editor

CitectSCADA allows you to use any text editor supported by Windows (for example, ED for Windows, Windows Notepad, or Microsoft Word), instead of the default Cicode Editor.

To change the default Cicode Editor:

  1. Click the Project Editor button.
  2. Choose Tools | Options.
  3. Enter the editor application file name in the Cicode Editor field.
  4. Note: The application name of the default Cicode Editor is ctcicode.exe located in the CitectSCADAbin folder. The application name for Notepad is notepad.exe, located in the Microsoft Windows c:\windows\ folder. The relative path to the editor application need to be included if the application is not stored in the CitectSCADAbin folder.

  5. Click OK to save the changes and close the form, or Cancel to abort changes without saving.