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The Cicode Editor

You use the Cicode Editor to write, edit, and debug your Cicode code. The Cicode Editor behaves similarly to other code editing tools like Microsoft Dev Studio, and contains many advanced editing features such as:

Cicode Editor starts automatically when you double-click a Cicode file object in Citect Explorer, or click the Cicode Editor button in Citect Explorer. See the topic Starting the Cicode Editor.

Cicode files are stored as text files. For more information see the Introducing Cicode and the section Using Cicode Files.

Note: Be careful not to confuse a Cicode file (*.ci) with an Include file (*.cii).

You could use any text editor to view or edit the Cicode files, however, the Cicode Editor provides integrated views specific to Cicode. As well as the features listed above, it includes:

To minimize potential future problems with maintaining your Cicode files, you should adopt a programming standard as early as possible, as discussed in the section Using Cicode Programming Standards. Maintain structured Cicode files, by logically grouping your Cicode functions within the files, and by choosing helpful descriptive names.

Modular programming methods are discussed in the section Modular Programming. Cicode functions are introduced in the section titled Using Cicode Functions. Suggestions for debugging your Cicode is included in the section titled Debugging Cicode.