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Retrieves metadata information at the specified index.




An animation number that uniquely identifies an object. This object contains the list of metadata definitions that will be used to perform the association operations. When -2 is specified, it is equivalent to using DspGetAnCur(). (See DspGetAnCur for usage and limitations.)


The index of the metadata in the animation point. The index is 0-based; i.e. the first metadata entry has an index of 0, the next 1, and so on.


The name of the field from which to retrieve the information for the metadata. Supported fields are:

Return Value

The field value string. If there is an error, an empty string is returned. The error code can be obtained by calling the IsError Cicode function.

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DspAnGetMetadata,DspAnSetMetadata, DspAnSetMetadataAt

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