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Non-blocking function, that sets the value of a metadata entry.

Note: Metadata items can only be set using Cicode if the name is configured in the object properties -metadata tab and saved with the page.


DspAnSetMetadataAt(nAN, nIndex, sField, sFieldValue)


An animation number that uniquely identifies an object. This object contains the list of metadata definitions that will be used to perform the association operations. When -2 is specified, it is equivalent to using DspGetAnCur(). (See DspGetAnCur for usage and limitations.)


The index of the metadata in the animation point.


The name of the field in which to set the information for the metadata. Supported fields are:


The value to set in the specified field of the metadata entry.

Note: Clusters should be configured either directly by specifying a full tag name such as C1.TagA or indirectly via the function calls (such as WinNewAt(…)) or via the page configuration parameter.

Return Value

0 if successful, error code if unsuccessful

Related Functions

DspAnSetMetadata, DspAnGetMetadata, DspAnGetMetadataAt

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