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Controls a multimedia device. The Media Control Interface (MCI) is a high-level command interface to multimedia devices and resource files. MCI provides applications with device-independent capabilities for controlling audio and visual peripherals (for example, for playing multimedia devices and recording multimedia resource files).

Using this function, you can control multimedia devices by using simple commands like open, play, and close. MCI commands are a generic interface to multimedia devices. You can control any supported multimedia device, including audio playback and recording. For a full overview of MCI, see the Windows Multimedia Programmer's Guide.




The MCI command. See the Microsoft Windows Multimedia Programmer's Guide for details.

Return Value

A string message with the status of the MCI command.

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DspMCI("open cdaudio")
DspMCI("set cdaudio time format tmsf")
DspMCI("play cdaudio from 6 to 7")
DspMCI("close cdaudio")
/*Plays track 6 of an audio CD*/
DspMCI("open c:\mmdata\purplefi.wav type waveaudio alias finch")
DspMCI("set finch time format samples")
DspMCI("play finch from 1 to 10000")
DspMCI("close finch")
/*Plays the first 10,000 samples of a waveform audio file*/

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