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Scrolls the contents of the rich text object displayed at AN, in the direction given in direction, by the number of lines/units given in amount. Remember that the height of a line varies according to the font used, therefore if you need to scroll absolute distances, it might be advisable to use the DspRichTextPgScroll function.


DspRichTextScroll(AN, iDirection, iAmount)


The reference AN for the rich text object.


The direction in which you want to scroll each time this function is run. You can choose from the following:

1 - Left

2 - Right

3 - Up

4 - Down

8 - Scroll to top

16 - Scroll to bottom


The amount by which you would like to scroll each time this function is run. Enter the number of lines (for a vertical direction) or units (for a horizontal direction) by which you would like to scroll.

Return Value

0 if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

PageRichTextFile, DspRichTextEdit, DspRichTextPgScroll



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