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Gets a value for the specified input of the specified instance.


FuzzyGetCodeValue(hFuzzy, iIOIndex, NoHitFlag)


The fuzzy instance handle (and integer greater than 0).


Specifies the variable to receive the value. The I/O-Indices start with 0 and increment by 1 for each variable. To find the correct index for a specific variable, the variables need to be sorted in alpha-numerical order, first the inputs and then the outputs.


Variable to receive the new value of the No-hit-flag. The No- hit-flag is TRUE if no rule was active for the variable specified by iIOIndex, otherwise it is FALSE. This needs to be a Cicode variable of INT type - it cannot be a constant or PLC variable tag.

Return Value

The code value if the function was successful, otherwise -1. Use IsError() to find the error number if the function does not succeed.

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