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This function loads a *.FTR file, allocates memory and creates a handle for this fuzzy instance. To use the FuzzyTech functions you need to be a registered user of one or more of the following fuzzyTech products: fuzzyTECH Online Edition, fuzzyTECH Precompiler Edition, or fuzzyTECH for Business PlusC. And you need to only use fuzzyTECH to generate the *.FTR file for FTRUN.

The application needs to call the FuzzyClose function to delete each fuzzy instance handle returned by the FuzzyOpen function.




Specifies the filename of the .FTR file to load.

Return Value

The handle to the fuzzy instance, or -1 if the function cannot complete the operation. Use IsError() to find the error number.

Related Functions

FuzzyClose, FuzzyGetShellValue, FuzzySetShellValue, FuzzyGetCodeValue, FuzzySetCodeValue, FuzzyTrace.


INT hFuzzy;
INT NoHitFlag;
INT Status;
REAL MemOutput;
// open the Fuzzy Tech runtime instance
hFuzzy = FuzzyOpen ("C:\Program Files\Citect\CitectSCADA 7.10\bin\");
Status = IsError();
IF hFuzzy <> -1 THEN
MemOutput = PLCOutput;
WHILE Status = 0 DO
FuzzySetShellValue(hFuzzy, 0, 42.0);
FuzzySetShellValue(hFuzzy, 1, 3.14150);
MemOutput = FuzzyGetShellValue(hFuzzy, 2, NoHitFlag);
Status = IsError();
// Only write to PLC if output changes.
// This reduces load on PLC communication.
IF MemOutput <> PLCOutput THEN
PLCOutput = MemOutput;

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