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Gets a value for the specified input of the specified instance. The variables in the instance needs to have the data type REAL (floating point values).


FuzzyGetShellValue(hFuzzy, iIOIndex, NoHitFlag)


The fuzzy instance handle (and integer greater than 0).


Specifies the variable to receive the value. The I/O-Indices start with 0 and increment by 1 for each variable. To find the correct index for a specific variable, the variables need to be sorted in alpha-numerical order, first the inputs and then the outputs.


Variable to receive the new value of the No-hit-flag. The No- hit-flag is TRUE if no rule was active for the variable specified by iIOIndex, otherwise it is FALSE. This needs to be a Cicode variable of INT type - it cannot be a constant or PLC variable tag.

Return Value

The shell value if the function was successful. Use IsError() to find the error number if the function does not succeed.

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