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Set the DisabledWhen expression for a newly added node. Be aware this function only works for menu nodes added with MenuNodeAddChild(). The DisabledWhen expression may only be set once for a node.

Be reminded that changes made to the menu tree will not be persisted back to the menu configuration database.


MenuNodeSetDisabledWhen(hNode, sDisabledWhenName [, sDisabledWhenArgs] [, iDisabledStyle])


Handle of node to run command


Cicode function for DisabledWhen expression. The function needs to return an INT.


Cicode parameters for DisabledWhen expression. Only supports static arguments.


Disabled Style. Allows different display styles for a disabled menu item.

Return Value

CT_ERROR_NO_ERROR (0) on success, CT_ERROR_BAD_HANDLE (269) if hNode does not refer to a valid node, CT_ERROR_INVALID_ARG (274) if DisabledWhen Cicode has already been set or is not a valid expression.

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INT hNode = MenuNodeAddChild((hParent, "LogIn", "LogIn");
INT Error = MenuNodeSetDisabledWhen(hNode, "UserInfo", "0", 1);

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