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Set the item value of the specified menu node.

Be reminded that changes made to the menu tree will not be persisted back to the menu configuration database.


MenuNodeSetProperty(hNode, iField, sValue)


Handle to the current node in the menu tree.


Field for which you want to set the value:

0 - Name of Menu Item.

1 - Icon symbol to be associated with the menu item

2 - Privilege level required to run the command, otherwise the menu item is disabled.

3 - Area level required to run the command, otherwise the menu item is disabled.

4 - Disabled Style. Allows different display style for a disabled menu item.

5 - Checked setting. Whether the menu item will display a checkbox next to the label.

6 - Width. Specifies the menu item width in pixels.

7 - Comment


The item value to set for the Menu node.

Return Value

Zero (0) if successful. -1 if hNode or iField is invalid

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