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Displays a form that allows up for 4 users to have their credentials verified in order to approve an operation. The usernames can be Citect or Windows users.


MultiSignatureForm(sOperationDescription, sLogDevice, sUser1, sUser2, sUser3, sUser4)


A description of the operation that requires approval. This string will be displayed on the signature form and logged to the log device if the operation is approved.


The name of a log device if logging is required, otherwise pass an empty string.


Each sUser argument needs to be either a Citect user name, a Windows user name (including domain\ prefix) or a blank string. Even though the sUser arguments are numbered 1 through 4, this only controls the order in which users are displayed on the multi-signature form. You can pass empty strings for any of these arguments, but at least one user needs to be specified.

Return Value

TRUE (1) if the operation approved (that is all users' credentials were verified and the operator clicked the "Approve" button, otherwise FALSE (0).

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// This example sets the page integer to indicate the approval status, but
// it can be used to perform any logic necessary to trigger the operation 
// that was approved.

PageSetInt(1, MultiSignatureForm("Shut down plant", "ApprovalLog", "shiftsupervisor", "DOMAIN\mike.manager", "", ""));

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