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Display a page and add the specified pens to the first pane of the specified PA object on the page. If a PAV file is also specified, it will be loaded first, and the pens in the first pane will be removed before the specified pens are created on the PA.


PageProcessAnlaystPens(sPage, sTag1 [, sTag2..sTag8 [, iButtonMask [, sObjName [, iPane [, sPAVFile [, iFileLocation ]]]]]])


The name of the page that displays the PA.


Up to 8 Trend tags can be added to the PA.


Mask to remove button(s) from the main tool bar of PA. The following values can be combined to remove multiple buttons:


The name of the PA object. If not specified it is defaulted to "_templatePA1" which is the name used by the built-in templates.


The pane in PA where the trend or variable tags are added. If this is not specified or less than 1, it is defaulted to 1 (the 1st pane). If the specified pane does not exist in the PA object, a new pane will be created.


Optional Process Analyst View file to be loaded, default ="".


Optional location of the PAV file. The allowed values are:

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

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