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Displays a Process Analyst page (in a new page child window) at the current mouse position preloaded with the pre-defined Process Analyst View (PAV) file.


ProcessAnalystPopup(sPage [, sPAVFile [, iFileLocation [, iButtonMask [, sObjName [, iMode ]]]]])


The name of the page that contains Process Analyst object(s). For example, pages based on the Process Analyst templates found in the Tab_Style_Include project.


Name of the PAV file


PAV file location code for the PAV file, see PA doc LoadFromFile() for details.


Bit mask for removing command buttons from the PA, bit flags as shown below:


Name of the PA object on the given Page where the PAV file will be loaded. If this parameter is not specified or empty string, it is defaulted to the object name used in the tab style templates, that is "_templatePA1".


The mode of the window (see WinNewAt() for details).

Return Value

Window number if the window is successfully displayed. Otherwise -1 is returned.

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