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This function returns information about a specified server and can be called from any client.

Note: This function can only be called for Alarm, Report and Trend Servers


ServerGetProperty(sServer, sProperty [, sCluster]).


The name of the server to be queried in quotations marks "". Can be prefixed by the name of the host cluster, that is "ClusterName.ServerName".


The name of the requested property. Can be one of the following:

"RDBMemTime" - Returns the date and time of currently loaded RDB (in-memory)

"RDBDiskTime" - Returns the date and time of RDB on disk (compiled)

"LibRDBMemTime" - Date and time of currently loaded cicode library (_library.RDB)

"LibRDBDiskTime" - Date and time of cicode library on disk (_library.RDB)

"LastReloadError" - Error Code from the latest reload

"ReloadStatus" - Returns 1 if the server is reloading, 0 if not

"ReloadProgress" - Reload Progress (in percent) Range: 0 – 100

"SyncStatus" - Returns the startup synchronization status: 0 - Sync complete, 1 - Sync pending, 2 - Sync in progress.

"SyncProgress" - Returns the percentage synchronization completion for trends: Range: 0-100

Note: The "SyncStatus" and "SyncProgress" properties are only supported for Trend and Alarm servers.


The cluster of the server to be queried in quotation marks "". This parameter is optional. However, if the Server Name is not local or not specified in ClusterName.ServerName format an error is returned.

Return Value

The value of the server property requested.

Related Functions

ServerInfo, ServerInfoEx, ServerIsOnline, ServerReload, ServerRestart


ServerGetProperty("AlarmServer1", "ReloadStatus", "Cluster12");

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