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Restart any specific alarm, report, trend or I/O server from any Cicode node in system, without affecting other server processes running on the same machine.

For this function to be successful you need to set the [Shutdown]NetworkStart parameter in the Citect.ini file to "1".


INT error = ServerRestart (STRING sServerName, STRING sCluster = "")


The name of the server to restart


The cluster the server belongs to. This parameter is optional. If sCluster is not specified the current system cluster is used.

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise one of the following error codes is returned:

256 - General software error

292 - Invalid function

403 - Cluster not found

418 - No server of type on cluster

512 - Time out error

513 - Access denied error

See Also

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ServerGetProperty, ServerInfo, ServerInfoEx, ServerIsOnline, ServerReload


ServerRestart("AlarmServer1", "Cluster1");

See Also