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This function is designed to work only on an SPCXRSChart page. It prints a single page showing three separate trends of the SPC Mean, Range, and Standard Deviation. The Mean needs to be at AN, the Range at AN + 1, and the Standard Deviation at AN + 2. You can specify a title and a comment for the plot, and whether it is printed in color or in black and white.


SPCPlot(sPort, AN [, sTitle] [, sComment] [, iMode] )


The name of the printer port to which the plot will be printed. This name needs to be enclosed within quotation marks. For example LPT1:, to print to the local printer, or \\Pserver\canon1 using UNC to print to a network printer.


The animation point at which the Mean chart is currently situated. The Range and Standard Deviation charts need to be on the next two consecutive animation numbers. For example, if the Mean chart is at animation point 40, the Range chart needs to be at animation point 41, and the Standard Deviation chart needs to be at animation point 42.


The title of the trend plot.


The comment that is to display beneath the title of the trend plot. You do not have to enter a comment.


The color mode of the printer.

0 - Black and White (default)

1 - Color

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Related Functions

TrnPlot, TrnComparePlot, TrnPrint, PlotOpen


/* This function will print the Mean trend (currently displayed at 
animation point 40), the Range trend (currently at animation point 
41), and the Standard Deviation trend (currently at animation 
point 42). The result is a one page, black and white combination 
of all three trends, printed to LPT1. */
SPCPlot("LPT1:",40, "CitectSCADA SPC Chart","Gradually increasing trend",0);

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