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Using Cicode Files

You write your Cicode functions in Cicode source files, stored on your hard disk. Cicode files are identified by having a *.CI extension.

To minimize potential future difficulties with maintaining your Cicode files, adopt a programming standard as early as possible (see Using Cicode Programming Standards). Maintain structured Cicode files, by logically grouping your Cicode functions within the files, and by choosing helpful descriptive names. For details about modular programming methods, see Modular Programming. For details about using and debugging Cicode functions, see Formatting Functions and Debugging Cicode respectively.

When you compile your CitectSCADA project, the compiler reads the functions in your Cicode source files. Your system can then use these functions in the same way as it uses built-in functions. You can use as many Cicode files as required. Cicode files reside in the same directory as your CitectSCADA project. When you back up your project, the Cicode source files in the project directory are also backed up.

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