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Determines if an expression can be converted to a date.

The required Date argument is a Variant containing a date expression or string expression recognizable as a date or time value.




A string or expression that can represent a date value. This includes any combination of date literals, numbers that look like dates, strings that look like dates, and dates from functions.

Return Value

Returns a Boolean True or False.

Related Functions

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Dim x As String
Dim MArray As Integer, MCheck
MArray = 345
x = "January 1, 1987"
MCheck = IsDate(MArray)
MChekk = IsDate(x)
MArray1 = CStr(MArray)
MCheck1 = CStr(MCheck)
Print MArray1 & " is a date " & Chr(10) & MCheck
Print x & " is a date" & Chr(10) & MChekk