CitectVBA Programming Reference > Using the CitectVBA Test Project > Setting up the Test Project Computer

Setting up the Test Project Computer

You need to set up the test project computer only once for the project.

To set up the CitectVBA test project computer

  1. Open the CitectVBA Test Project.
  2. Click the Citect Explorer button.
  3. In the project list column, click the root computer icon named My Projects.
  4. Double-click the Computer Setup Wizard button. (You can also click the Computer Setup button, or choose Computer Setup from the Tools menu.).
  5. Select Next accepting the Express Setup default.
  6. Select Next accepting the Standalone Computer - Server and Control Client default.
  7. From the Project Name list, select CitectVBA Test and click Next.
  8. Click Next and then Finish to complete the CitectVBA project communications setup.

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