Computer Setup Editor > Maintaining Parameters > Adding a parameter

Adding a parameter

To add a parameter:

  1. Right-click the section in the expandable tree pane you want to add the parameter to.
  2. Choose Add Parameter from the shortcut menu.
  3. The section name pre populates the Parameter Details pane. Type the name of the parameter you want to add in the Parameter text box.
  4. Two shortcuts exist to reach this step:

  5. Enter the value for this parameter in the value field.
  6. The Parameter Details pane changes to reflect the type the parameter:

  7. Click Add to add the new parameter to the parameter tree.
  8. The new parameter appears in the parameter tree. It is highlighted as the currently selected entry, and its Help appears in the help pane.

    If the parameter being added to the tree belongs to a section yet to be defined in the tree, both the section and parameter are added to the parameter tree when you click Add.

    If the parameter being added to the parameter tree is an undocumented parameter, it appears in the parameter tree. However, if you hide undocumented parameters, you'll only be able to see parameters when you view undocumented parameters. See To show undocumented parameters:for details.