Computer Setup Editor > Using the Computer Setup Editor Interface > Tree search pane

Tree search pane

You can use the tree search pane to search for a particular element in the expandable tree pane.

To search for a specific parameter in the tree:

  1. Type the search string in the tree search pane.
  2. The tree expands and highlights the first occurrence of the text string searched on.
  3. Note: If the search string is not found a message appears in the Parameter Reference pane. In this case, a hyperlink will appear in that pane which can be clicked to perform a search through the help reference topics.

  4. To continue to search for the next match within the parameter tree, click Next in the tree search pane, or press F3. To go to the previous instance, press Shift + F3.
  5. If the top or bottom of the Parameter Tree is reached a message appears in the Parameter Reference pane.