Computer Setup Editor > Using the Computer Setup Editor Interface

Using the Computer Setup Editor Interface

The Computer Setup Editor looks like this:

The interface consists of the following components:

  1. The expandable tree pane used to display and navigate the contents of the citect.ini file using an expandable contents tree. See Expandable tree pane for details.
  2. The tree search pane used to search for a particular element in the expandable tree pane. See Tree search pane for details.
  3. The Parameter Details pane used to view and modify settings for parameters. See Parameter Details pane for details.
  4. The help pane used to display context-sensitive parameter reference topics. See Help pane for details.
  5. The Parameter Reference pane used to perform a full text-search on the parameter reference topics in the help pane. See Parameter Reference pane for details.
  6. The parameter status pane used to display the current status of the parameter displayed in the help pane. See Parameter status pane for details.
  7. Note: You can open the Computer Setup Wizard from the Computer Setup Editor by choosing Tools | Computer Setup Wizard.