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Using properties

The properties included in the Database Exchange ActiveX control represent characteristics like data and display settings. It is possible to create associations between properties and variable tags, which enables data from the control to be downloaded directly to the tag.

In addition to associating a property with a tag, users can edit properties using the Runtime User Interface or via Cicode.

There are two types of properties:

These properties can be associated with variable tags, or set using Cicode.

Associating these properties with variable tags creates a link through which recipe data can be transmitted to variable tags and I/O devices. Users can take advantage of the control's run-time interface for editing, and then easily send the updated values to the tag.

For descriptions of each property, see the full List of Properties.


  1. Properties corresponding with columns of data are numbered Column001 – Column1000. Column001 corresponds to the first column of data in the control, Column002 to the second column, and so on.
  2. You cannot update recipe values in the control from tag values. The link between the control and variable tags is one-way (i.e. from the control to the tag)