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Using the ODBC Driver

You can either configure a DSN using Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) or directly use a connection string. To configure a DSN, follow the instructions in Configuring an ODBC Data Source using a dBase Driver  and select Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) when adding a new DSN. To configure Database Exchange control using ODBC data source, see Using a DSN as a Data Source.

You also can directly use a connection string instead of creating a DSN. Copy the following line and paste it to the Database Connection String field on the Properties form.

Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=c:\mydb.mdb;Uid=admin;Pwd=

To get your database schema, click Build to display the Data Link Properties dialog box; the option Use connection string is automatically selected. Click OK to retrieve the schema.

Note that this connection string for Access MDB uses default standard security. Also, the Database Exchange control doesn’t support parameterized queries even though it is able to retrieve parameters.