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Address Forwarding Parameters

Use Address Forwarding to override the IP addresses that have been configured inside the project for the server processes. This allows you to quickly transfer responsibility of a server to another computer, or redirect a client to a different server. Address forwarding allows you to override the network address for each CitectSCADA Server or Client with a different address and port.

Forwarding is achieved by adding a special section to the Citect.ini.


For I/O Servers you can also redirect the Peer Port connection using the following syntax:


For Alarm Servers that have Alarm Properties enabled, you can also redirect the Alarm Properties connector using the following syntax:


For example, if you have computer A with the responsibility of running two I/O Servers and you wish to forward one of them to another machine then both I/O Servers and computers that connect to the I/O Servers need to have updated INI’s with this information.

AddressForwarding is only interpreted and checked upon startup of CitectSCADA Runtime. Run the Computer Setup Wizard to confirm your changes. This is useful especially for Time Servers where you can configure a redirected Server as a new time server.

Note: In using this feature the compiler will not be able to apply consistency checks to your configuration. Therefore you should not use this feature as the primary mechanism of specifying server/client communications.

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