Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Alarm Process Parameters > Alarm.<ClusterName>.<ServerName>ShutdownCode


Can be used to specify a Cicode function that runs at shutdown of the CitectSCADA Alarm Server component. CitectSCADA suspends the shutdown process until the function has finished running. The function needs to complete execution within the time specified by the [Code]ShutdownTime parameter, otherwise CitectSCADA will terminate it.

This parameter needs to be defined at the finest level of hierarchical granularity (Alarm.<ClusterName>.<ServerName>ShutdownCode). See Hierarchical Parameters for more information.

Note: This parameter can be set using the Computer Setup Wizard.

Allowable Values:

Any built-in or user-written Cicode function, 1-31 alpha-numeric characters.

Default Value: NONE

Note: When CitectSCADA is running in single process mode only the Cicode function assigned to [Client]ShutdownCode will be executed at shutdown. Cicode functions specified for particular CitectSCADA components are ignored.

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