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Determines whether pages will be displayed in fullscreen or restored state.

A page in fullscreen state takes up the entire display area (assuming this does not affect its aspect ratio), and it cannot be resized. Also, a fullscreen page will display without a title bar when [Page]DynamicSizing is enabled or when the page resolution is the same as the screen resolution. Resizing pages can result in lower picture quality. If this is unacceptable, you should re-design the page using the desired resolution.

A page in restored state can be resized by clicking and dragging on the window frame. If you resize a page, subsequent pages will, by default, be resized using the same scale. However, if the [Page]DynamicSizing parameter is set to FALSE, resizing the window will not change the page size.

Note: This parameter is modified by the Computer Setup Wizard as well as the Computer Setup Editor.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 0

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