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If CitectSCADA suffers an unexpected program shut down, the Crash Handler will create a compressed file containing a number of log and data files that may be useful in determining the cause of the shut down. These files include:

In a multi-process system, these files will use extended names, for example:


The compressed file can be emailed to Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Technical Support for analysis, or to a specified email address. See [CrashHandler]SendMailTo.

You can also save the files to the default CitectSCADA Logs directory. See [CrashHandler]KeepLogFiles.

Note: Technical Support may use the information included in an unexpected shut down email to help resolve problems in future releases, but cannot reply or follow up a problem with users directly. To discuss a particular issue, contact Technical Support.


Do not change the [CrashHandler]Enable parameter in the citect.ini file, except on the advice of Technical Support for this product.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 1

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