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This parameter is designed for driver developers, to assist users who are experiencing non-recoverable errors due to driver issues.

When this parameter is set, the data structure used for communication between a driver and the I/O server (referred to as the DCB) is monitored for changes. If an error occurs, a Kernel and syslog message is generated.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 0


With [debug]drivercheck=1 set, the DCB is checksummed.

On return, the checksum is checked as well as a flag at the end of the DCB buffer; for example:

*** WARNING: DriverCheck=1 DCB->buffer overrun ***


*** WARNING: DriverCheck=1 DCB corrupted/changed ***

Receipt of this message may not represent a serious error. If a driver cleared the whole DCB buffer of 554 bytes, then expect this error.

If a driver modifies the point information, expect notification via a DCB corruption message.

[debug]drivercheck=2 will additionally verify that a DCB belongs to a given unit. If this is not the case, an error will be logged.

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