Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Debug Parameters > [Debug]LogShutDown


Note: This parameter is designed to assist qualified technical support personnel with system diagnosis.

Logs the shutdown function addresses to syslog.dat.

With default handling, a non-recoverable error can be investigated by determining what was happening at the time logging stopped. If a recoverable error is detected, it will be indicated by a trace marker between shutdown function addresses.

You may be requested to provide this information to Technical Support.

Allowable Values:

0 - (Disable)

1 - (Enable)

Default Value: 0

Note: You can adjust this parameter during runtime using the SetLogging() function. For more information, search the CitectSCADA Help for the topic Adjusting Logging During Runtime. To access the Help, select Citect Help Topics from the Help menu in Citect Explorer or Project Editor.

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