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Allows you to filter messages logged to the tracelog.dat file according to their priority. Only messages with a priority less than or equal to this value will be logged.


More messages will be logged as the value for this parameter is increased. This may have the potential to seriously degrade performance of the system. This can render a system unresponsive to user input and delay the viewing of data.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Allowable Values:

Value Description Performance impact
0 Normal Will have little impact on system performance (~1 message/sec)
10 Brief May have some impact on system performance (~10 messages/sec)
20 Information Allows a system to run, with some impact on performance (~100 messages/sec)
30 Verbose Is unlikely to allow a system to run efficiently as the logging load may approach 100 percent of CPU usage.
40 Chatty System will only operate under debug conditions (~100,000 messages/sec). Users may apply intermediate levels for finer control.

Default Value: 0

Note: You can adjust this parameter during runtime using the SetLogging() function. For more information, search the CitectSCADA Help for the topic Adjusting Logging During Runtime. To access the Help, select Citect Help Topics from the Help menu in Citect Explorer or Project Editor.

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