Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Debug Parameters > [Debug]SysLogSize


Sets the maximum size of the syslog.dat file. When the file reaches this size, it is rolled over.

The syslog.dat file is a low-level logging file used by CitectSCADA. This file is in the Windows directory. CitectSCADA logs debugging information to this file. You should check this file occasionally to see if CitectSCADA has detected any issues.

Allowable Values: 0 to 2,000,000 (kilobytes) (i.e. maximum size is 2GB)

Default Value: 2000

Note: You can adjust this parameter during runtime using the SetLogging() function. For more information, search the CitectSCADA Help for the topic Adjusting Logging During Runtime. To access the Help, select Citect Help Topics from the Help menu in Citect Explorer or Project Editor.

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