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[DisableIO]<Device name>

Permanently disables a named I/O device for the current session so that no hardware errors are generated.

This means that the "PLC Server I/O device off-line" hardware error message will not be seen for the device when the I/O Server is not available.

The effect of this setting is therefore similar to issuing the Cicode function IODevControl twice with Type set as 0 and 1 respectively, and with the value of the INI setting used as the `Data" argument (enable or disable).

To enable this IO device, delete the settings from Citect.ini file or assign 0. If you want to comment out the setting, use the exclamation mark character ("!"), not a semi-colon (";"), otherwise CitectSCADA might hang on start-up.

Note: Parameters of [DisableIO] are not standard ones. On start-up, CitectSCADA tries to load all device names into a symbol table and use ";" to separate them. If ";" is used to comment out [DisableIO] parameters, it sends the initialization of the client system into a dead loop.

Allowable Values: <I/O device> = 0 or 1

Default Value: None



IODevice01 is an I/O device in your project, and this setting disables IODevice01.

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